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Stop sending résumés to your hiring managers

Why collaboration in hiring matters

Collaborative hiring is a team-based hiring method that gets people from other parts of your business involved. It’s an approach that Steve Jobs credited with his high-performing team at Apple. Google and Netflix are also on board with moving hiring away from just the recruiters.

Involving your team in hiring decisions can have a powerful impact. Done right, it can reduce pressure on recruiters and speed up the process so great talent doesn’t pass you by. You’ll also be able to get more diverse perspectives, and improve engagement when you give more employees a voice in the process.

Building your hiring team will change depending on your company and the role you need to fill. In general, you’ll want to have HR, recruiters and hiring managers involved in the process. At later stages, you’ll want to involve your new hire’s future team members, and internal stakeholders they’ll be working with closely. 

Of course, all of these other employees are busy in their roles. So, what’s the best way to share information about candidates with your hiring team?

Stop sending résumés

At Vervoe, we want to make it as easy as possible for hiring teams to have a say in the candidate selection process. Through our AI-powered skills assessments, it’s easy to see who the top performers are. So we made it easy to share those top performers with the whole team.

Our “Share Candidate Card” feature allows Vervoe customers to share candidates’ skills assessment results with hiring managers. This way, you can easily have your whole hiring team review your top candidates without scrolling through hundreds of résumés. 

Candidate cards show the candidate’s responses and scores based on job-related assessments. This helps remove bias in the review process by hiring managers; they’ll know exactly who can perform the role effectively, instead of focusing on the experience listed on their résumé

If you’re on a paid plan with Vervoe, go one step further and share candidate cards with guests and enable them to score candidate responses. You can choose to hide existing scores, completion times and suggested answers so your hiring team can review candidates and add comments without bias. 

How to share candidate cards in Vervoe

To share a candidate card with a guest that is not on your account, create a public link to share. First, open the candidate card that you would like to share. Then, click on the share button under the candidate’s contact information. Select “Copy Link” to add the shareable link to your clipboard. 

Note: Employers on a paid plan will also have the option to enable guest scoring and hide existing scores, completion times, and suggested answers by clicking on the toggle button and then “Copy Link”. This will generate a different link that will allow guest scoring and hide candidate details.

Screenshot of
Share your candidates with hiring managers easily with Vervoe.

Guest Scoring and Commenting

You can enable guest scoring as well as hide existing scores completion times, and suggested answers. Click on the toggle button and then “Copy Link” to share. This will generate a different link that will allow guest scoring and hide candidate details.

When guest scoring is enabled, the candidate card that is shared with team members allows them to “Score Responses” and leave comments.

Screenshot of notes and comments section on candidate cards in vervoe.
Share comments and notes on candidates with the whole hiring team.

After the guest contributor has saved their scores and comments, you’ll be able to view them on the candidate card in your dashboard.

Gif showing the process of adding guest grading to candidate responses in the vervoe platform.
Easily invite candidates to score assessment responses in Vervoe.

The guest’s score will be averaged into the team score and their comments will appear in the “Notes and Comments” tab.

Start hiring collaboratively with Vervoe

While a collaborative approach can be difficult to maintain with traditional hiring tools. Make it easy to share great talent with your team with Vervoe.

Siobhan Carlson

Siobhan Carlson

Siobhan is a dynamic B2B marketing professional with over 8 years of experience spanning small businesses to global SaaS enterprises and tech startups. Throughout her career, she has honed her skills across the marketing funnel, specializing in brand and strategy ownership, multi-channel demand generation, content marketing, account-based marketing, and performance marketing. Her proficiency extends to systems, processes, and data management, where she excels in marketing automation, CRM setup and management, and marketing analytics. Siobhan's focus has predominantly been on the APAC market, with additional exposure to European and US markets. She thrives in creative, collaborative environments, where her initiative, drive, and creative problem-solving skills can be fully leveraged. Outside of work, Siobhan is dedicated to furthering her education with an MBA, has a passion for hosting pub trivia, and is an avid listener of marketing podcasts. With her diverse skill set and strategic mindset, Siobhan is poised to drive impactful marketing initiatives and contribute to the growth of any organization she joins.

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