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New Release: Candidate experience, coding challenges + More

The team at vervoe has been hard at work developing and implementing features to impact your hiring process these past few months.

Let’s take a closer look at what is new!

New and Improved Candidate Experience

Available to all plans

We’ve given the entire candidate application process and dashboard a complete makeover. When candidates apply through a job link, they no longer have to wait for a magic link to start. Once they enter their name and email address they are automatically redirected to the Talent Trial.


  • Candidates will now be able to test their webcam and audio equipment if a Talent Trial requires video/audio responses.
  • When they first log in, they will also see the invitation email with details on when their Talent Trial will expire according to their local time.
  • The question bank appears on the right for easy navigation and once they submit the test they receive a warning if they have skipped any questions.
  • Your brand color is now more prominent throughout the candidate experience. The original email message you send to candidates is now displayed above the Talent Trial instructions. This helps give context.
  • We now warn candidates if they try to submit a Talent Trial that doesn’t have all questions answered.

These changes are sure to boost completion and satisfaction rates. Invite yourself to one of your jobs to experience these changes.

Candidate experience

Auto-graded Coding Challenges

Available to all plans

You can now test an engineer’s code-writing skills with our improved code testing feature. Previously candidates could only write code, now they can actually run it. We’ve launched with 9 different languages: NodeJs, PHP, C++, Python3, Ruby, Go, C, Java, and C#. Gone are the days of copying the code and testing it against different test cases manually. We’ll run all of your tests automatically and assign custom scores per test case. Learn more about this powerful feature here.

Auto-graded coding challenges

Duplicating Talent Trials

Available to all plans

Many of you asked for it and it is finally here! You can now easily duplicate Talent Trials and make the changes you need in each to use in different jobs.

Learn how to duplicate skills assessments.

Duplicating talent trials

Custom Deadlines

Available only to Enterprise customers

You can now choose your own deadlines! Previously candidates had up to 4 days to complete Talent Trials but you now have control to set the number of days. If you are on the Enterprise plan, head over to the Talent Trial settings and scroll down to the deadline section and choose the number of days from the dropdown.

For more information on editing your assessment, read here.

Custom deadlines

Easily search for jobs in your dashboard

Available to all plans

We made slight improvements to the design of your active job dashboard and this is just the beginning. We plan on making more improvements but for now, you can easily find an open job by typing the name in the search bar.

Easily search for jobs in your dashboard


  • You can now reset the deadline of a Talent Trial even if it’s been submitted
  • You can now delete any stage.  As long as there are no candidates in the stage, you will be able to remove delete.
  • When you export candidate data from a job, it now includes the date a candidate was invited via email or the date they applied through a job link
  • AI predicted scores will now remain shown in candidate cards regardless of what stage they are progressed to as long as you haven’t manually scored the candidate cards.
  • Enjoy a new Talent Trial creation interface which now allows for combining an immersive question (Google, Doc, Spreadsheet, Presentation) with media such as an image, video, audio, a code, or file.

Let us know what you think of these updates and share any features you would like to see. We welcome all feedback!

Plenty more coming in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

Jennifer Shellef

Jennifer Shellef

Jen is a seasoned VP of Customer Success with over six years of experience at Vervoe, where she led strategic initiatives to ensure customer and team success. She oversaw the Global Customer Success and Support teams, fostering a customer-centric culture and implementing best practices to streamline onboarding processes. Under her leadership, customer activation time decreased significantly, and customer satisfaction soared. Prior to her role as VP, Jen served as a Customer Success Manager, where she managed a diverse portfolio of clients and played a pivotal role in shaping the company's customer success function. Her collaborative approach and commitment to continuous improvement contributed to key milestones in the company's growth journey. She brings her passion for connecting with people and fostering supportive environments to everything she does.

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