How to Make Your Candidate Experience More Human

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It’s ironic, right? We use technology to do things humans used to do, and now we want to make that very same technology for more like … well … a human. Only thing is, we want everything to be fast, automated and slick. So we can save time. But we still expect things to feel human. And so we should.

Here are three really easy ways to make an online, and otherwise automated, hiring process feel pretty natural to your candidates.

#1 – Use Video to Tell Your Story

Embed a short video in your job description. It can be you talking into the camera, introduce the team, give a tour of the office or even show the company’s products or services.

It doesn’t matter too much, so long as you leave candidates with one important message: this is somewhere nice to work.

It’s a great ice-breaker, and it helps people relate to you on a more personal level. this is especially important before they begin using software to prove their skills. It will help you tell your story and convince people to join. Those who buy into that story will make an effort. Those who don’t will recognize that and opt out. Either way, you win.

#2 – Write a Nice Welcome Message

Everyone likes to feel special. People like to feel like they’re the only ones in the room. Candidates typically know the odds are against them. It’s stressful applying for a job. So try to make your candidates feel welcome and give them a sense of what to expect.

When candidates hit the “apply” button they expect something in return. Normally they get nothing and, if they’re lucky, someone might write back to them a week later. Instead, send them a message straight away:

  • Thank them for expressing interest.
  • Tell them what the next step is, and when they should expect to hear back.
  • Give them a tip to help them succeed.

Doing this costs you nothing and it will make a big difference to your candidates.

#3 – Always Get Back to People

The thing candidates hate the most is never hearing back. It’s so easy to tell candidates that they weren’t successful, yet so many employer don’t bother.

If you make a small effort to get back to candidates quickly, they’ll appreciate it and it will pay dividends. They’ll speak highly of you to others. Treating candidates with respect is either a marketing opportunity or a PR disaster – it’s up to you.

Use technology to make things faster and smarter. But recruitment is very much about human beings connecting with each other. So treat your candidates the way you’d like to be treated.

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