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How World Outsourcing Solutions Uses Vervoe To Get More Customers

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London, United Kingdom
“Vervoe has helped me streamline the process, generating more business and more money”

Being an advanced interviewing platform, Vervoe is usually used for hiring. But Yeukai Kajidori also uses Vervoe to get more customers for his business.

Yeukai runs an outsourcing business called World Outsourcing Solutions, and he uses his podcast to deliver value to prospective and existing customers.

Initially, Yeukai was hoping to be a guest on other people’s podcasts in order to spread the word about his business. However, that was easier said than done. So he took matters into his own hands and created his own podcast, the Yeukai Business Show.

Yeukai interviews successful business owners whose insight helps entrepreneurs develop and grow their businesses. He looks for guests who have a track record of success in growing their business. It’s a valuable learning opportunity for his listeners, and an opportunity for his guests to speak about what they love. Meanwhile, Yeukai gets to meet new business owners, many of whom might also benefit from his outsourcing services. Everybody wins.

The challenge

Until recently, Yeukai’s team used spreadsheets to manage all the requests from people who wanted to be interviewed on the podcast.

His assistants contacted each guest to schedule interviews, and sent email questionnaires manually. This resulted in a lot of back and forth, and the process was long-winded. It typically took several weeks to get responses and set up interviews for each podcast.

The solution

Now, the team uses Vervoe to qualify prospective podcast guests.

Ads are posted on social media so prospective guests can apply directly. Applicants are directed to an online questionnaire on Vervoe. The responses are used to set the agenda for the podcast and help Yeukai prepare his questions.

Suitable applicants are then progressed through the funnel and sent automated emails to schedule interview times. They receive notifications about the podcast time, coupled with an offer of other services from Yeukai’s company.

This helps Yeukai build relationships with his guests and, as a result, four out of 10 become customers of World Outsourcing Solutions. Each customer is matched with a qualified virtual assistant, whose skills have also been tested using a Vervoe simulation.

The outcome

The podcast is a great lead generation channel for World Outsourcing Solutions, and the entire process is automated using Vervoe.

“Vervoe has helped me streamline the process, generating more business and more money” says Yeukai. It’s a “game changer”.

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