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Graduate Recruiting Case Study: How Orica Delights Candidates

Mining & Metals
Melbourne, Australia
“It is the most dynamic online interview I’ve ever seen. The tests required total engagement and thought, and were a clear demonstration of what makes Orica different from any other company.”

A new candidate experience

Orica, the world’s largest provider of commercial explosives, has raised the bar in graduate recruiting.

In addition to streamlining its graduate recruiting process, Orica was also able to delight candidates and stand out from its competitors by delivering a unique and memorable experience:

“It is the most dynamic online interview I’ve ever seen. The tests required total engagement and thought, and were a clear demonstration of what makes Orica different from any other company.”

– Candidate for Orica’s graduate program

But things weren’t always like this.

The challenge

In previous years Orica’s graduate program put candidates through multiple stages, each requiring time and effort for both candidates and Orica’s talent acquisition team.

Samantha Billing, Orica’s Talent Acquisition Lead, wanted to streamline the process and make it simpler for everyone involved. Importantly, Samantha wanted to be able to easily identify the best, and most motivated, candidates, and leave them with a great feeling.

With only two weeks until the program was set to be launched, Vervoe collaborated with Orica to recreate its graduate recruiting experience.

A new graduate recruiting experience

Instead of being sent to a range of different platforms, all the online evaluation components were consolidated into one platform, Vervoe.

First, candidates were welcomed by a video Orica’s team made to promote the program. It put candidates at ease and made them feel engaged with the journey. Then they were asked to do a holistic Talent Trial that focused on skills, logic and values. After that, candidates had a chance to tell their story by recording a series of videos.

On average, 86% of candidates completed the online process across the three streams – manufacturing, regional mining and technology.

The results

By consolidating multiple stages into a holistic Talent Trial, Orica was able to spot the best candidates much faster, as well as deliver a simpler and more engaging graduate recruiting experience. Orica was also able to significantly reduce cost.

The feedback from candidates was the real prize.  Not only did candidates feel the experience was unique, they also “felt heard”. Here are some examples:

“Very unique in comparison with other online interviews. Made me much more calm and relaxed through to completion”

“Overall this was one of the best online interviews I have been involved with.”

“The questions presented were a mixed of adaptive learning as well as some abstract questions that really made me think thoroughly through my responses”

“I think the questions were very diverse and it allowed me to showcase myself, my skills and abilities in different ways”

“The type of questions involved were quite unexpected. They were challenging and involved quite a bit of thinking. It is quite a unique interview as compared to those of other graduate programs.”

“It gave me an opportunity to showcase who I am as well as challenge my skills”

Orica is now in the envious position of being able to choose from a pool of talent candidates whose skills have been validated and, importantly, who are excited about working with Orica. They saw their graduate recruiting experience with Orica as an opportunity to be themselves and succeed, not a series of hurdles.

When used cleverly, talent acquisition technology can be a secret weapon and give you an unfair advantage in hiring.

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