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The Luxury Of Increasing Customer Satisfaction Through Hiring

Travel & Hospitality
Melbourne, Australia
“I enjoyed the whole process and it was different from other interviews I have had during my working life”

Luxury Escapes is one of the fastest growing travel businesses in the world, winner of the Australian Travel Awards and ‘Employer of Choice 2018’. For a forward thinking and innovative organisation, their recruitment process was time-consuming and did not reflect the ethos of the business. How did they increase customer satisfaction, enhance employee engagement and improve their diversity?

The Problem

Phone-based travel consultants and customer service positions are integral in supporting Luxury Escape customers to book their dream holidays, so it’s critical the right people are hired. Previously, the recruitment team’s time was spent looking through a high volume of resumes and only candidates who had relevant industry experience were phone screened.

The Talent Acquisition team became increasingly frustrated. Only half of the candidates who were invited to interviews would turn up. A large proportion of those who showed up would lack technology skills and demonstrated minimal understanding of Luxury Escapes. Because of this, the interviews became a source of wasted time, with little hiring success. 

The Talent Acquisition team knew there must be a better way. 

The Solution

Luxury Escapes wanted to create a more efficient recruitment process that would enable them to review more candidates, enhance candidate experience, and provide candidates insight into the organisation and job challenges. This would hopefully eliminate candidates from the process who weren’t engaged or serious about working with the company. 

To engage with candidates throughout the process, Luxury Escapes were able to customise their online assessment to incorporate a welcome clip from the hiring managers for each role. The team created relevant and contextualised questions that prompted candidates to think about the job and tasks they would be performing. This resulted in high engagement with the business prior to even speaking with Talent Acquisition. 

Predictive grading highlights candidates whose skills are best suited to the role and are then invited to interview. Because candidates are already invested in the process, a higher proportion show up to the interview and they have an insight into what the job entails. This means they are engaged and excited by the opportunity when speaking with Talent Acquisition.

The Results

Since implementing Vervoe as a critical first stage in the recruitment process, Luxury Escapes has opened up their pool of candidates to individuals they wouldn’t have considered previously.  

As a result, this has had a substantial impact in the make up of the team and performance results. The team now has a notable improved diversity with employees ranging in age and background, they have increased their customer satisfaction scores, reduced attrition, enhanced employee engagement and have a strong work ethic within the team. 

Luxury Escapes has created equity in the recruitment process where anyone who applies for the position has an opportunity to do their best and demonstrate their capabilities, ensuring anyone has the chance to secure the role. 


Outside of the Talent Acquisition team, Hiring Managers now rely on Vervoe to validate a candidate’s skills and will only meet with candidates if they have completed an online skills assessment. 

Not only do hiring managers love Vervoe but candidates have had exceptional feedback too: 

“The interviewee gets to learn more about the position they are applying for and gets to think deeper”

Luxury Escapes candidate

“I enjoyed the whole process and it was different from other interviews I have had during my working life”

– Luxury Escapes candidate

I felt very comfortable and after the welcome video from the Luxury Escapes Team they made me feel at home and at ease…The questions were clear and concise and had a very friendly and genuine vibe. I liked how you displayed the values.

Luxury Escapes candidate

The Head of Talent Acquisition recounts that they have hired people they would have previously screened out and those individuals are excelling in their roles. Luxury Escapes now have the luxury of having a pool of candidates who want to work with the organisation when relevant roles become available, as they have experienced the intricacies of the role and organisation prior to stepping foot inside the organisation. Every candidate has a fair opportunity of securing their next role, regardless of experience and background. 

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