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"Vervoe helps us elevate our game"

Flow is a digital marketing agency that helps thought leaders scale their influence.

But Flow’s mission is more compelling than most agencies. It has a higher purpose.

Andy Seth, Flow’s CEO, made it his mission to help underprivileged youth who didn’t attend college build rewarding and exciting careers. So he built an agency that offers digital marketing apprenticeships.

Through structured apprenticeships, Flow helps highly-motivated young people become  successful digital marketers.

The challenge

Before discovering Vervoe, Flow had a very traditional hiring process. Job ads, résumé screening and Gmail.

Hannah Szabo, Flow’s content editor, would go over each résumé and pick the ones that stood out in terms of past experience and skill set.

Then Hannah scheduled phone screens with each candidate.

Then came questionnaires using Google docs.

Finally, interviews.

Hannah found it hard to follow up and keep track of all the candidates. It was messy.

But that’s not the worst of it.

After hiring two people, Hannah and the team quickly realized they weren’t going to work out. They couldn’t actually perform the tasks they claimed they could do.

After investing so much time in the hiring process, and in training, Hannah was extremely disappointed.

The solution

So it was back to the market for new hires. Only this time Andy came across Vervoe and decided to try something different.  

Both Hannah and Andy immediately saw value in testing each candidate’s skills first before meeting them. They wanted to be sure that prospective hires could actually do the job, as well as learn quickly and improve.

Hannah made full use of Vervoe’s library full of expert-written talent trials. She drew inspiration from the expert content and used it to create custom tests that suited Flow’s specific requirements.

The first role was a live chat agent, and Hannah wanted to test the skills and attributes a successful hire would need to learn, and eventually master, in the role.

Candidates were evaluated for writing skills, language and grammar, critical thinking, computer skills, reading comprehension and client service.

70% of the candidates invited to do Vervoe talent trials completed them.

The outcome

According to Hannah, the Live Chat agent is phenomenal so far. She is living up the values and can do everything Hannah expected, and more.

Hannah now feels a lot more confident she is hiring the right people!

Flow wants to leave candidates with a good impression of the company even if they don’t get hired. Hannah likes the fact that Vervoe makes the process fair and seamless for candidates. One bad candidate experience can end up in Glassdoor so the candidate experience is really important  to Flow.

“Vervoe helps us elevate our game”, said Hannah. Thanks to Vervoe, the team at Flow has an unfair advantage in recruiting. 

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