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Why skills matter more than degrees

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Degrees have long been a “must-have” for some jobs, with candidates unable to get a look-in from hirers if they don’t have one. But they’re unreliable predictors job performance. So, what should hirers look for instead?

Skills-based hiring refocuses the hiring process around testing candidates on their ability to complete on-the-job tasks, rather than their pedigree.

In this webinar, we chat with Cristian Sirera from Opportunity@Work to explore skills-based hiring, and how including candidates skilled through alternative routes (STARs) can improve the quality of your talent pool, and lead you to make better hiring decisions.

Cristian Sirera

Cristian brings business development, client success management, and experience aligning across internal and external teams to his role as Sr. Manager of Corporate Partnerships.

Originally from Spain, Cristian spent several years in the importing, international customer relations & logistics, and translation industries post-graduation before shifting to the nonprofit sector. Recently, he held leadership positions at the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits as Manager of Operations and HR, and as Director of Business Development at Skills for Chicagoland’s Future, in charge of business development and strategic partnerships.

Cristian lives in Chicago, and enjoys spending time with his daughter, learning his fourth language (French), cooking (Spanish food only), watching soccer, and volunteering for his fiancée’s nonprofit organization that supports the homeless in Chicago, Care for Friends.

45 mins
Cristian Sirera
Cristian Sirera
Senior Manager, Corporate Partnerships
Dom Hennequin - Content Marketing Manager at Vervoe
Dom Hennequin
Content Marketing Manager

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