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Solving the skills shortage: Hiring for potential vs experience

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It’s the age-old question in hiring, do you go for experience or potential?

There are many benefits to both. Perhaps you don’t have time to train and need someone who’s done a similar job before and can hit the ground running. But will they be available, and how much will they cost?

Or, you may be looking for someone who has the skill set but you’ll be able to mold into the worker you want, with few bad habits, and a possible lower salary. 

There are lots of variables to consider. 

So, how do you make the choice?

In this webinar, Merkle Australia’s Ani Moller joins Vervoe CEO and co-founder, Omer Molad for a Fireside Chat to demystify the toss-up between hiring for experience and potential. 

From exploring their pros and cons to actionable tactics you can employ next time you hire, walk away from this session with a framework to help you decide what’s best for your organization.

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About our speaker

Ani Moller

Since building her first website in 1996, Ani Moller has overseen the delivery of large, transformative programs of work for companies such as Jetstar, Qantas, University of Canberra, Holden, Worksafe, KPMG, Tourism New Zealand, and Māori Television. 

Sitting at the intersection of design, technology, and agile working, she specializes in helping teams understand strategic objectives, clearing the path for them to deliver incredible results. 

For the past seven years, Ani has worked for Isobar, which is now Merkle Australia. As Executive Director, Delivery, she’s responsible for supporting directors, client leads, and delivery team members by creating approaches and methods that allow them to deliver great work, and delivery practices nationwide. 

With a passion for diversity, equity, and inclusion, Ani is committed to lead companies to create workplaces where people of all backgrounds feel welcomed and supported.

30 mins
Ani Moller
Executive Director, Delivery
Merkle Australia
Omer Molad
Co-founder and CEO

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