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Solving the skills shortage: Focusing on ‘screening in’, not out

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Sifting through résumés can be tedious at the best of times. But with high demand to fill jobs, recruiters and hiring managers can’t afford to miss out on hidden gems that may be perfect for their business. 

That’s forcing employers to reconsider previously “must-have” résumé features like particular degrees and qualifications, “screening in” candidates based on their skills, rather than screening out based on things that might not be necessary for the job.

In this Fireside Chat, Richard Rushton, Head of Talent Acquisition at G4S shares what to look for in a candidate’s work history that could make them perfect for an open role, and how to reorganize your workflow to prioritize “screening in” rather than screening out.

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About our speaker

Richard Rushton

Richard Rushton is the Head of Talent Acquisition at G4S for the Australian and New Zealand markets. There he manages a team of recruiters and spearheads the talent acquisition strategy across a robust contract base. 

Richard has previously worked at Specsavers, managing their Global Executive Talent Acquisition project for three regions, including the UK & Ireland, Northern Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. He also led the company’s Talent Acquisition function for Australia and New Zealand. He has also been part of the senior management team for a Job board in the UK.

With a passion for connecting great people with amazing opportunities, Richard enjoys maximizing the efficiency of the teams he manages. An advocate of technology and automation within the recruitment process, he’s worked across various Head Office functions globally, relaunching departments, and changing workplace cultures.

30 mins
Richard Rushton
Richard Rushton
Head of Talent Acquisition, ANZ
Omer Molad
Co-founder and CEO

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