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Should tech talent prove themselves to get a job?

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Do you need to re-think your tech hiring?

Tech people don’t do work for free. Most businesses are rolling out the red carpet so they can poach great talent, without ever considering if they’re the right fit for the company.

Watch the debate as we discuss:

  • Do engineers need to prove themselves to get a job?
  • How much can you actually ask someone to do before you have to pay them?
  • How do you make sure you’re not hiring a jerk who can code?
  • Why poaching people from “top” companies can backfire

About Wes Winham
Wes is a software entrepreneur from Chickasha (Chick-uh-shay), Oklahoma. He was employee #1 at a SaaS startup called PolicyStat. He led product and engineering from $0 ARR to $5m ARR and a May 2017 acquisition. As the CEO of Woven, Wes is obsessed with better developer hiring by reducing bias.

Woven is a technical screening solution that helps high-growth software teams hire faster and more effectively, while reducing bias. By using realistic work simulations instead of resumes to sort candidates, Woven uncovers hidden gems in your hiring pool so you can find talented engineers that other companies overlook.

About Randy Harris
Randy joined Lighthouse Technology in 2015 as CEO. In addition, Randy is also the co-founder of the non-profit TechBuffalo, whose mission is to produce 5,000 new technology professionals for the Western New York Region, and stands in charge of the $12m New York State-funded, Buffalo-Niagara Talent Initiative.

Since 2004 Lighthouse Technology Services has been serving as a technology recruiting and staffing partner to Buffalo, New York’s largest technology departments. They serve enterprise-level down to mid-size business IT  organizations by recruiting appropriately skilled tech professions for various roles.

About Byron Jackson
Byron is a Vervoe enthusiast with a passion for recruitment and employer branding. He believes that a candidate is more than a resume and should be evaluated based on their skills related to the job. His previous experience working in finance, recruitment marketing, and employer branding has provided a unique perspective on the recruiting and hiring process.

60 mins
Wes Winham Winler
Wes Winham Winler
Randy Harris
Randy Harris
Lighthouse Technology Services
Byron Jackson
Byron Jackson

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