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How skills-based hiring can future-proof your recruitment

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Our hiring processes are filled with practices that are no longer effective. From resume screening to interviews and reference checks, it’s likely we’ve been doing these things for so long that we rarely question whether they work. 

But with candidate shortages, changing industry norms, and the appetite for remote work taking off, the time has come to question old hiring methods and look to new ones like assessing skills.

Skills-based hiring may sound completely obvious but mastering the practice requires a fundamental rethink of your hiring process.

In this webinar, we discuss how to approach skills-based hiring at your organization. How to conduct it, where it belongs in the hiring process, tools you can use to do it, and how it can future-proof your recruitment, resulting in better hires. 

Vervoe’s VP of Customer Success, Jen Shellef will host this session. Joining her to share their experience with skills-based hiring will be Christian Brenner, Head of Technology at Merkle, and Ani Moller, Consultant at MYER.

Christian Brenner

As a senior technical leader whose experience spans 20+ years as a developer, architect, and technology practice lead, Christian has spent two decades building and running large-scale teams and complex projects in fast-paced digital environments by providing an approachable, no-nonsense, hands-on management style that empowers his teams with a focus on quality outcomes and real value.

Christian has an extensive background and understanding of both legacy and cutting-edge technologies across both front and back-end, and many years of experience consulting directly with clients to deliver complex technical solutions. He is an expert in and has worked with Sitecore for over 15 years (and was a Sitecore Ambassador MVP 2021), and can marry this with experience across numerous other CMS/DXP platforms and technology products, including Adobe and Salesforce. He’s worked client-side as a developer, architect, and consultant on multiple occasions, and has been responsible for some of the largest Sitecore solutions in the world, including leading a team of over 90 developers, architects and tech leads in a scaled agile program for Australia’s largest hardware retailer. 

He has an exceptional and proven ability to understand both technical complexity and business imperatives, develop a strategic vision that aligns to the wider organizational objectives, and then “cut through” layers of noise to deliver focused, quality outcomes in complex environments.

Ani Moller

Since building her first website in 1996, Ani Moller has overseen the delivery of large, transformative programs of work for companies such as Jetstar, Qantas, University of Canberra, Holden, Worksafe, KPMG, Tourism New Zealand, and Māori Television. 

Sitting at the intersection of design, technology, and agile working, she specializes in helping teams understand strategic objectives, clearing the path for them to deliver incredible results. 

Ani spent seven years working for Isobar, which is now Merkle Australia. As Executive Director, Delivery, she was responsible for supporting directors, client leads, and delivery team members by creating approaches and methods that allow them to deliver great work, and delivery practices nationwide. 

She’s now a Business Transformation Consultant, currently working with MYER’s Unified Commerce team to improve processes, specifically around change management, stakeholder management, and product delivery.

With a passion for diversity, equity, and inclusion, Ani is committed to leading companies to create workplaces where people of all backgrounds feel welcomed and supported.

30 mins
Christian Brenner headshot
Christian Brenner
Head of Technology
Merkle Australia
Ani Moller
Ani Moller
Business Transformation Consultant
Jen Shellef
VP of Customer Success

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