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Confronting the burnout phenomenon

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In 2019, burnout was declared a legitimate syndrome by the World Health Organization. A type of chronic stress, it’s proven to have severe consequences for workers and businesses from lower productivity to higher turnover and detriments to physical and mental health. 

The pandemic has only accelerated this. Nearly two years in, the energy inside organizations is fading as both leaders and employees express their fatigue. Burnout is a problem many are confronting. 

So, how can you manage it in your workplace? 

In this webinar, investor and entrepreneur, Matt Berriman, and leading psychologist, Dori Kabillo join Vervoe co-founder and CEO, Omer Molad, to confront the burnout phenomenon.

Matt Berriman

Matt was a professional Australian Cricket representative and spent five years at the Victorian Institute of Sport as a coach and player until injury forced his retirement – turning his attention to business.

With multiple successful exits, Matt has been involved with many high-growth digital ventures in Australia, the USA & UK in varying roles from founder, executive, to advisor, corporate development lead, investor, and board member.

Matt Co-Founded Unlockd, a transformational venture that in ~3 years went from concept to $20m+ ARR (and a $200m market cap) nearly reaching ASX listing before interference by Google after launching in multiple markets internationally including USA, UK, India, Indonesia, Australia, and UAE.

Currently, Matt is advising clients specializing in founder-led companies with their Strategic Planning, Corporate Development/ M&A and transformation commercial deals, capital raising, whilst also advising CEOs and Boards about the changing world of media, digital, and the general transformation needs in a world that’s evolving at a rapid pace.

Dori Kabillo

Dori is a registered psychologist with over 25 years of experience. She is the director and co-founder of Nexus Psychology – a business established 15 years ago as a practice support hub for independent psychologists across Melbourne.

Nexus Psychology has a highly regarded reputation as an influential and multi-skilled practice that caters to a wide variety of client groups, mental health specialties, and therapeutic modalities; and is underscored by its emphasis on careful matching between client and psychologist as a cornerstone of successful therapy.

Working with a team of 25 highly qualified psychologists, Dori has made it a focus to raise psychological awareness and facilitate psychology services in employment settings, looking for innovative ways to assist workplace leaders, individuals, and teams.

Dori has fostered many successful and ongoing partnerships in the provision of EAP and corporate psychology services to both large-scale corporations as well to smaller agencies and companies.

Dori is dedicated to her profession and known for being reliable, creative, engaging, and closely attuned.

30 mins
Matt Berriman
Matt Berriman
Advisor & Investor
Dori Kabillo
Nexus Psychology
Omer Molad
Co-founder and CEO

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