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KlientBoost Builds Its Virtual Talent Bench With Vervoe

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Marketing & Advertising
Costa Mesa, CA
"Every hire that we've made through Vervoe is like an extra seal of approval. It gives us more confidence. It means that we're letting somebody into the circle of our culture that we know is going to help amplify it and not drain it, which is huge."

Building for culture, hiring for growth

For Johnathan Dane, the founder and CEO of KlientBoost, success isn’t measured in mere client-numbers or revenue.

Sure, his business services more than 600 clients and has grown exponentially over the past five years, but talk to him for more than a few minutes, and you’re left with no doubt that it’s the culture he’s most proud of.

It’s intangibles like feeling valued, understanding that what you do makes a difference, and being part of something meaningful that preoccupy Johnathan. It’s something KlientBoost has in spades.

From humble beginnings in 2015, Starbucks-hopping to take advantage of the free wi-fi, Johnathan has grown KlientBoost to more than 80 people and put down roots in Costa Mesa, CA. He has outposts in North Carolina and Texas and a client list that takes in Airbnb, Bloomberg, and Juniper Networks.

Taking the “pain” out of “growing-pains”

2020 was a challenging year, and KlientBoost was not immune from the chaos. The business shed clients in the first quarter of 2020 as the pandemic took hold and purse-strings tightened. Lay-offs and a client exodus bit hard as the volatility of the global pandemic cast its pall.

“COVID came around, the lockdowns came around, and we were basically sucker-punched.”

But as fast as it had contracted, KlientBoost started to grow again as the demand for an edge in the online marketplace increased at a pace no one could have foreseen. With shuttered stores and lockdowns in effect across the US, brands were left with no alternative but to embrace the online ecosystem.

“We were about 40 people, and six months later, we were double that size and looking to probably be around 100 come end of January of 2021.”

Drastically increasing speed-to-hire

To absorb the sharp upturn, and with no time for growing pains, it was immediately clear to Johnathan that traditional hiring methods – poring over resumes, allowing for fail rates with successful candidates and face-to-face interviewing – wouldn’t cut it.

KlientBoost needed to hire people who were workplace-ready, candidates who would require minimal training and could perform out of the blocks. Equally important was the candidate’s compatibility with KlientBoost’s prized culture. So Johnathan turned to Vervoe.

Using Vervoe, Johnathan was able to develop an asset he refers to as “the bench”. Through the platform grading and ranking feature, he was able to create a shortlist of the best-performed talent. Because he was often hiring for the same role, his bench allowed him to quickly meet hiring needs, safe in the knowledge that they had performed strongly on the skills assessment.

The confidence to step back

The pace of growth at KlientBoost in mid-2020 was breakneck, and Johnathan credits Vervoe with dramatically increasing the speed-to-hire. His confidence in the platform allowed him to take a step back from the recruitment process and focus on the day-to-day running of his business, a pain-point he’d tolerated for years.

In December 2020, KlientBoost surpassed $1m MMR, a long-held goal, and their plans for North American dominance are on track as they set up in locations across the US. Johnathan says Vervoe helped his business grow painlessly and says the platform will be important moving forward as his team continues to expand.

“With Vervoe, we were able to hire stronger candidates and better culture fits. Our speed to hire has dramatically increased as well, so I can keep pouring gas on the fire.”

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