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How Foresight Uses Vervoe To Validate Skills and Hire With Confidence

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“If we didn’t have Vervoe, what would be missing is hiring with full knowledge of someone’s technical skill set.”

Founded in 2018, Foresight is a full-service mental health organization on a mission to make quality mental health services accessible for everyone. From therapy and psychiatry to neuropsychology, Foresight partners with hundreds of providers and insurance companies to deliver affordable mental health services across the US. 

Achieving their mission relies on employing the right clinical and non-clinical teams with the required skills to succeed in Foresight’s fast-paced nature. 

According to Victoria Collins, Foresight’s Senior People Development Specialist & Program Manager, this has been one of their biggest recruitment obstacles. 

“Our workflows and daily skills needed are intense, and strong computer skills are really needed, especially for our non-clinical team — our Operations team,” she told us.

In a bid to hire qualified talent in a hypercompetitive market and find an effective solution to validate candidates’ skills at scale, Foresight implemented Vervoe’s AI-powered skills assessments. 

The growing need for technical comprehension 

In 2021, Foresight hired over 800 people within all verticals of the company, including clinical roles like service providers, non-clinical roles like operations teams, and more.

While their services are offered in-person and online, most clinical and non-clinical teams require specific technical knowledge to navigate their roles in a digital space. 

For non-clinical roles, this means ensuring candidates have the right technical skills to keep up with the high demands of the organization. Strong computer skills and troubleshooting capabilities are core requirements to succeed in Foresight’s operational roles. 

Similarly, clinical roles require candidates to troubleshoot confidently, navigate resources, and use specific software with competence. 

The challenge: validating technical skills  

Before adding Vervoe skills assessments to their processes, Foresight didn’t have the right tools or resources to assess or predict technical competency (or lack thereof) before hiring. 

Unfortunately, this created a major pain point, often resulting in longer training processes or having to rehire for roles. 

“What we’d see in onboarding and training is new hires with significant technical challenges that hinder their ability to be successful,” Victoria said. 

“[It] would often lead to more time in training, or sometimes discovering that it was just not the best fit for that person to be able to survive and thrive with our work atmosphere.”

According to Victoria, fixing this issue required a solution that would allow them to validate candidates’ skills in a way that worked seamlessly with their process without adding friction. 

Creating a frictionless validation process

Wanting to get the most out of Vervoe’s capabilities, Foresight has implemented assessments in two unique ways to fit to the needs of clinical and non-clinical roles. 

For non-clinical roles, they’ve placed a Vervoe assessment in their recruitment funnel to quickly determine which candidates have the right technical skills before making any hiring decisions. 

As for clinical roles, a Vervoe assessment is used post-hire to assess what level of training the provider requires to get started. Due to the competitiveness of hiring qualified providers, Foresight has intentionally positioned the assessment as an onboarding tool to remove any barriers that could potentially deter candidates from applying. 

“We’re in the process of taking the data from the assessments and analyzing it to look at what kind of support we’re bringing that person when they’re in training,” said Victoria. 

To keep the assessment process quick and frictionless, Foresight uses scenario-based multiple choice questions that assess candidates’ technical knowledge and practical tasks like file uploads to test computer literacy. 

“Our intention for Vervoe is to ensure we hire only the most qualified candidates with these skills because we know that our workflows and the daily skills needed are intense, ” said Victoria. 

The result: less time spent troubleshooting

One of the most notable results Victoria has experienced firsthand from implementing Vervoe is the improvement in candidate quality and the technical knowledge they bring to the table. 

The Foresight team is now spending significantly less time troubleshooting tech issues while onboarding new hires.

“If we didn’t have Vervoe, what would be missing is hiring without full knowledge of someone’s technical skill set,” said Victoria.

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