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How Code Like A Girl Selects Coding Interns

Collingwood, Victoria
By using Vervoe, Code Like A Girl can accept hundreds of applications to its internship program at once.

Learn what Code Like A Girl looks for in prospective coding interns. Code Like A Girl is an organization dedicated to providing girls with the tools, knowledge and support to enter and flourish in the world of coding.

Based in Australia, Code Like a Girl wants to encourage more women to step into leadership roles in technology.

The challenge

Code Like A Girl’s founders, Vanessa Doake and Ally Watson, wanted to create a program that would address the lack of women working in technical roles.

Women account for less than 24% of the technology workforce

Applications for the internship program are received on a rolling basis. Given the huge demand for the program, Vanessa and Ally were looking for a way to streamline their selection process. Specifically, they wanted to be able to easily identify applicants who had the attributes required for a successful coding career.

The solution

Vervoe helps Code Like A Girl field applications for its internship program. The program welcomes applications from students and career changers alike.

Attitude is much more important than background. A “desire to learn” and a “passion for technology” are among the most sought after qualities in prospective interns.

Vervoe gives applicants an opportunity to put their best foot forward. The selection team can easily gain insight into each applicant, and quickly determine who is likely to be a good intern.

The outcome

By using Vervoe, the Code Like A Girl can accept hundreds of applications to its internship program at once. Vervoe helps the selection team figure out each applicant’s motivation, and only invite the most suitable applicants to in-person interviews. The automated application process not only saves time, it also helps the program scale.

Vervoe is proud to support Code Like A Girl’s as it sets out to inspire new generations of girls to learn how to code.

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