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Why do companies like yours choose Vervoe over TestGorilla?

Vervoe has the biggest role-based skills assessment library to help you test candidates’ skills in the context of the job they’re applying for.

Our immersive question types like embedded spreadsheets, presentations, and media-based multiple choice keep candidates engaged.Open-ended questions bring endless possibilities; create an email, write a marketing plan, analyze data then share findings all while our AI instantly grades these responses for you.

We also boast the only Interactive simulations in the market that replicate the tools used on the job so you can truly see candidates do the job before they get the job!

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What makes Vervoe different from TestGorilla?

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Complete Skill Profile

The main difference between Vervoe and TestGorrilla is TestGorilla tests recall knowledge (quiz-like) rather than in context, practical, immersive and on-the-job skills tests.

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Full customization

From the content of questions to the correct answer and even the way the AI grades your candidates. We let you personalize your experience at every step.

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Bespoke Reporting

Want to know which job board your top candidates come from? Or the questions in your assessment candidates like the most? We can tailor a report for you.

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No Build Assessments

Our library is packed with assessments that already contain multiple skills so you don’t have to guess which skills are actually required for success in your role.

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Candidates Love Us

Testing skills vs knowledge are very different things. With enough luck, anyone can pass a multiple choice test but sharing your knowledge is empowering

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Anti-cheating = Peace of Mind

From plagiarism detection to irregular location notifications you can feel confident the responses your viewing came from the candidate you want to hire!


Vervoe vs TestGorilla

See a side-by-side comparison of Vervoe and TestGorilla to help you make the best choice and decide which one is best for your business needs.

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On the job skills
Complete candidate profile
Full customization
Bespoke reporting
Complete customization
No one size fits all

Complete customization

Every business has unique attributes so why would you use the same assessment as everyone else? Find true culture fit and the missing piece to your existing puzzle with an assessment customized to your exact job description. We offer an extensive library of assessment templates to help get you started or our powerful assessment builder will create a bespoke one for you in a matter of minutes.

Experience is everything

Comprehensive industry knowledge

We’ve helped over 8,000 global customers across every industry find top performers and reduce employee churn. We know that an enterprise business requires data sovereignty and priority SLAs. We know that a small business owner just wants help to validate the skills of a new role. We know that every business values the skills required for each role slightly differently. Let our industry benchmarks help take the guesswork out of your hiring.

Comprehensive industry knowledge
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Review and analyze human behaviour

No two candidate’s are the same so they shouldn’t be graded the same. Our AI tracks each individual's interaction with an assessment along with the content of their responses to provide you with an accurate grade for their assessment.


Customizable assessments

With over 300 templates available, written by leading I/O psychologists. Everything from graphic design to sales reps, each test has a range of different question types that you can customize to suit your own unique needs.

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Assessment builder
Content library
AI grading
I/O psychologist consult

Immersive question types

We offer a range of different question types to help engage and immerse candidates in the role. From coding challenges in 8 languages to presentations and live spreadsheets, our assessments create an experience that tests how candidates will really perform day-to-day tasks.

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Multiple-choice with media
Code challenges
Document uploads

Candidate experience

Welcome candidates to your organization with a fully branded assessment. Include your logo and brand colours, personalize platform messaging and communicate your values with video introductions. Vervoe’s flexible platform lets you curate an online recruitment process tailored to your business.

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Customized branding
Customized candidate messaging
Intro videos
Automated rejection
Automated progression
Candidate pools
Mobile friendly

Hiring data

Enterprise-grade data security for your peace of mind. Vervoe is ISO/IEC 27001 compliant with localized data sovereignty​. We’re also GDPR compliant with user-based permissions to manage information sharing​​. With Industry-accepted best practices and frameworks to protect your data.

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Data retention
Enterprise-grade security
Regional data storage
CSV data export to your ATS

Team tools

With Vervoe it’s easy to make hiring collaborative. Easily share candidate report cards, allow hiring stakeholders to review and grade responses, and add notes and comments keep your whole hiring team in the loop.

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Shareable candidate report cards
Team comments
Team grading options
Guest grading options

Reporting and insights

Complete candidate report cards breakdown an applicant’s performance by skill with options to review individual responses and compare candidates side by side. Drill into assessment stats like top performing invite channels with Vervoe.

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Candidate report cards
Completion rate and response insights
Candidate CSAT scores
Custom reporting
Assessment analytics
Hiring data


Vervoe integrates with all of your favorite recruitment and workflow tools so you don’t need to change the way you work. From Greenhouse and SmartRecruiters to Zapier you’ll be connected in minutes with Vervoe immersed in your existing hiring process.

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Premium white glove support for both you and your candidates including training, optimization, bespoke reporting and custom content.

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Priority SLAs
Candidate support
Dedicated client executive
Online help center
Email support
Assisted set up and onboarding


Premium white glove support for both you and your candidates including training, optimization, bespoke reporting and custom content.

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Monthly breakdown
Included Candidates
Included assessments
1 (candidate credits can be used across multiple assessments)
AI Grading
Question Types
Multiple Choice, File Upload, Text, Code Challenges, Video, Audio, Embedded Spreadsheets, Embedded Presentations, Numbers, Multiple Choice with Embedded Media Types, Typing Test
Multiple Choice, File Upload, Essay, Code Challenges
Post Hire Survey
Plagiarism Checker

Frequently Asked Comparisons

What’s the difference in testing between TestGorilla and Vervoe?

The main difference between Vervoe and TestGorrilla is that TestGorilla tests recall knowledge (quiz-like) rather than in context, practical, immersive, and on-the-job skills tests. Being mainly multiple choice questions on a TestGorilla test also means the likelihood of a candidate scoring average to high increases regardless of their actual on the job knowledge and ability. 

Vervoe uses a range of question types to simulate real tasks and projects that candidates would face if they actually got the job. These question types allow for candidates to share more than just knowledge of a subject or tool.

What’s the difference for a candiate?

Vervoe offers a much better candidate experience, with stronger employer branding, and candidate support capability including SLAs. On average candidates rate their experience of Vervoe at 98% satisfaction. Being allowed to showcase their skills is often a standout for them and helps them feel they’ve put their best foot forward.

Vervoe also has a much more robust candidate reporting and individualized score cards for internal comparison, mobility, and collaboration.

Are your anti-cheating measures effective?

TestGorilla’s anti-cheating monitors candidates via video proctoring for around 90% of the assessment time this can cause candidates to drop out of the test flow, whereas Vervoe does not support video proctoring and our anti-cheating measures of randomisation, geolocation and plagiarism aim to balance integrity and candidate privacy. Our anti cheating measures are of industry standard and powered by AI to further remove bias.

Who are your assessments for?

TestGorilla is predominantly positioned for the SMB market with limit features to support enterprise hiring. Vervoe has a strong track record of supporting the entire market from SMB, mid-market and Enterprise and has an established feature set that all customers regardless of size can access meaning you can hire like Walmart even if you only have 40 employees.