Volume Hiring

Test and analyze the job-ready skills of thousands of applicants instantly.

Vervoe helps you streamline your recruitment process to find the right candidate for every role in half the time.

Volume hiring 1

See who can actually do the job.

Make volume hiring simple with our AI powered software. Find the most qualified people based on how they perform tasks specific to your business.
Test Technical Skills

Test technical skills with coding challenges, videos and task based outcomes

Test Soft Skills

Test soft skills including attention to detail, teamwork and communication

Customer Service

From call centre agents to support staff your customer service employees are a critical hire for your business. It’s important they have the right skills like resilience, empathy and adaptability to succeed.

Vervoe helps you unlock and assess these skills quickly from thousands of candidates.

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Volume hiring 2
Volume hiring 3


Minimize replacement or training costs by making the right hiring decision the first time.

Surface the candidates with the skills you need, like communication or empathy, quickly without having to review resumes.

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Pinpoint candidates with strong attention to detail with interactive question types like video or spreadsheets.

From Factory and Warehouse Workers to Logistics Managers finding the right employees will reduce turnover and waste.

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Volume hiring 4
Volume hiring 5

Find the top performers instantly with AI

If you’re hiring at volume you might be looking for someone with skills like reliability and communication.

Our AI models process thousands of responses quickly looking for certain words or sentiments that reflect these values accurately.

Candidates that have more of these are graded higher and those with less are scored lower.

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Candidate Engagement

Streamline your hiring Process

From engaging question types to customizable candidate experiences we’re here to make your early careers hiring simple.
Assessment Library

A range of customizable templates written by leading IO Psychologists for you to use

Job Links

Test candidates as they apply so you’ll only spend time reviewing the top performers

Candidate Cards

Shareable candidate score cards that let you collaborate quickly with colleagues on your shortlist

AI Grading & Ranking

Every applicant graded and ranked in order of performance for the skills that matter most to you

Auto Progressing

Link assessments to further test the technical skills of your top performing candidates

Candidate Messaging

Create a seamless candidate experience with customizable emails and videos for branding

Ready to see Vervoe in action?

Screen and interview candidates with automated AI programmed just for you.
Faster Hiring Time
Reduced Turnover
Candidate Satisfaction

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