There’s a Better Way to Find the Best Candidate for a Job

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Whenever the time comes to recruit new team members, companies tend to fall back on the same processes they’ve long relied on. After all, change is inevitably accompanied by risk, and few hiring managers are willing to try a new methodology with an unproven effect on their business.

However, as technology evolves, so too does the most effective way to conduct business. In the case of recruitment, this means embracing the latest hiring software innovations.

Today, hiring software eliminates the need for companies to waste hours of precious manpower evaluating every single applicant manually. Instead, intuitive software uses automation (and finely tuned interview scripts) to propel candidates from one stage to the next, effortlessly whittling down the applicant pool until only the most qualified individuals remain.

Learn why your company should ditch the phone screens and resumes and find a modern way to find the best candidate for a job on your team.


Are Job Interviews Outdated?

Yes and no. While the evaluation process involved in interviews is often integral in determining whether a candidate has the character and qualifications for the role, the traditional way in which they are carried out is due for an overhaul. Too often, interviews have devolved into informal chats that have little to do with candidates demonstrating their qualifications for the role. They also present a number of problematic factors, such as blatant dishonesty or even personal bias. Simply put, in-person interviews have become more trouble than they’re worth.

Consider the fact that more and more workers are transitioning into remote work, and the concept of meeting face-to-face with a potential employee makes even less sense. True, it’s essential to get a clear picture of the applicant’s personality, but traditional interviews neglect the need for skills assessment. Why take an applicant’s word (or resume) at face value when you can allow him or her to prove their worth before you ever make a decision? Thankfully, automated hiring software maintains a focus on testing for the skill set required for each position and providing a clear idea of what employers can expect once the candidate begins work.


The Value of Hiring Software

So how does hiring software work, and how can it help you give your recruitment a much-needed update? For starters, there’s no need for hiring managers to engage applicants from the outset. In fact, it isn’t until the final crop of applicants remain that employers interact with them at all, liberating hiring managers from being bogged down in every step of the process. The software and the inbound hiring technology is able to assess the finest candidates for every position automatically.

Once applications are received, all candidates are invited to complete an online skills assessment, typically either a simulation or a quiz tailored specifically to the position. This allows employers to identify workers’ current skills and knowledge base, instead of trusting their past experience (no matter how relevant) to indicate how well they’ll perform in this role going forward. From there, the automated hiring system auto-sorts the results, ranking candidates based on their performance in each stage of the assessment process. No additional screening is necessary, and the most qualified members of the applicant pool naturally rise to the top. Only then do employers intervene and make the final decision based on these results.

Imagine how much easier it will be to cut more than a hundred candidates down to just a handful, knowing full well the extent to which each applicant is prepared to handle the tasks required by the position. Empowered with such an in-depth look into each remaining candidate, the traditional hiring method finally plays its role, opening up the door for the resume reviewing and interviewing most commonly associated with recruitment efforts. Only now the process takes a matter of days, not weeks or months.


Outside the Box

Setting aside the way businesses are used to filling open positions, it’s easy to see the inherent value in automated hiring software. When you bring in a new team member, it shouldn’t be such a laborious process, and with the latest technology at your fingertips, there’s no reason it has to be.

Rather than spending your valuable resources meticulously poring over each application and conducting a parade of interviews, the time has come to modernize and develop a more thorough — and less tiresome — way to explore which candidates will make the greatest impact on your business. Of course, every company has its own set of specific hiring needs, but the beauty of automated hiring is that it can be tailored to fit the position in question.

This is no one-size-fits-all approach to recruiting new employees but an innovative way for companies to save time and resources without sacrificing the results they need to thrive. With the right technology, you can identify the best possible candidates for your team.

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