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Vervoe’s solutions help you make bias-free hiring decisions faster, cheaper, and more efficiently.

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From remote hiring needs to high volume and technical skills assessments, Vervoe has the perfect tools to optimize your recruitment process. Streamline your hiring with Vervoe and say goodbye to unpleasant hires.

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Hire high-end graduates in half the time

Find and hire passionate and talented graduates with our AI-powered hiring solutions. With Vervoe, you can thoroughly measure how ready potential graduate employees are by assessing their performance on various assessments.

Get positioned for high-volume hiring

Overwhelmed by the prospect of sifting through hundreds of resumes? Discover the ultimate solution with Vervoe! Our innovative platform enables you to efficiently screen numerous candidates simultaneously, ensuring the quality of your assessment remains uncompromised. Compare top performers with ease and hire the talent you need with confidence.

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Assess technical skills with ease

Test your candidates’ technical skills with Vervoe’s powerful screening tools. With our technical and soft skills tests, you can perform all-round screening on your candidates. Whether you’re hiring for an IT or software developer position, there’s a test for you.

Hiring remotely is seamless with Vervoe

Vervoe offers you the best tools to hire the best candidates, even when you’re doing so remotely. With our high-end recruitment technology, you can test your candidates’ skills and hire based on proven qualifications. In addition, you can apply different question types and formats to test your candidates however you want.

Woman conducting a remote interview
Employees from different backgrounds

Bolster workplace diversity with unbiased skill testing

Eradicate bias from your recruitment and open doors to inclusivity and diversity in your hiring with Vervoe. Our skills tests let you see each candidate for their skill and expertise rather than their background. Because of this, you can make better and more unbiased hiring decisions.

Identify top talent within your organization

Our comprehensive screening tests empower you to accurately evaluate your team members. This lets you identify those who are ready for advancement or suited for different roles in your company. Our easy-to-use testing solutions can come in handy, especially when verifying your employees’ skills or during a promotion screening.

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By Company Type

Whether you’re a corporate enterprise, startup, or small business, Vervoe’s recruitment tools help you find skilled employees who fit into your company. Transform your hiring with Vervoe’s company-based solutions!

Take your enterprise hiring to the next level

Vervoe ensures that you effortlessly hire candidates who excel in their roles and seamlessly integrate into your company culture. Our platform offers a sophisticated assessment framework, enabling you to screen multiple candidates simultaneously without reducing your enterprise’s assessment quality.

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Grow your startup with motivated employees

Vervoe’s engaging yet thorough testing tools enable you to hire only the best for your startup. With assessments that test personality, skills, and general fit for your organization, you won’t have to bear the risk of a mis-hire.

Bolster small business sustainability with Vervoe

Finding talented and sustainable employees for your small business is a breeze with Vervoe. With insightful screening assessments and candidate skill validation software, you’d be sure to hit the recruitment bullseye each time. Not to mention, our AI-powered platform helps you automate repetitive tasks like candidate registration and validation, so you don’t have to do all the heavy lifting.

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By Industry

Vervoe provides you with recruitment tools tailored to meet various industry recruitment needs. From retail to hospitality, we have comprehensive assessments to help you recruit the best talent in your industry.

Effective assessments for marketing and advertising companies

Hire candidates with proven skills and expertise in marketing and advertising products and services with Vervoe’s skill assessment software. Our platform allows you to build a screening assessment comprising marketing and advertising, communication, and people management skills tests. As such, you can hire only well-rounded candidates who fit your company.

Marketing experts having a meeting
A customer service representative

Transform your customer service recruitment with Vervoe

Apply our communication, personality, and people management assessments to find skilled customer service representatives. You can also check for language proficiency and other technical skills of your choice on our virtual platform. Reinvent your customer service recruitment with Vervoe.

Seamlessly hire high-value retail personnel

See how well your candidates can flourish in the retail industry with interactive tests based on real-life scenarios. Our hiring tools enable you to see each candidate’s capacity and ultimately make informed hiring decisions for your retail company.

Retail worker in a pastry shop
Hospitality personnel at work

Measure hospitality skills the Vervoe way

Redefine your hiring with tests suited for the hospitality industry. These assessment tools help gauge your candidates’ attention to detail, multitasking, and communication skills to see if they meet your standards. In the end, you can hire people based on proven skill rather than unconscious bias and unproven experience.

Find top healthcare practitioners fast

Spot and hire qualified healthcare providers for your organization without stress. Vervoe’s recruitment tools let you assess both the technical and soft skills required to hire only the best. Our assessments are candidate-friendly, ensuring your candidates stay motivated for the job while you screen them.

Healthcare worker in the laboratory
Contact center workers

Recruit skilled contact center representatives with ease

Hire resilient contact agents with real-time assessments built to your taste. Vervoe’s intuitive platform facilitates a comprehensive comparison of potential employees, empowering you to make informed hiring decisions based on objective performance metrics.

Revolutionalize your Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) hiring

Vervoe offers comprehensive assessments tailored to test candidates who would offer specific services for your organization. These tools tell you whether they have the skill and expertise to handle the tasks. So rather than screen numerous resumes to find the perfect fit, all you have to do is administer a Vervoe test.

Woman working on her laptop
It team at work

Identify proficient Information Technology personnel in no time

Hire talented IT personnel quickly and effectively with the help of our AI-powered testing platform. Assess your candidates’ knowledge of programming languages and IT software, and gauge their collaborative skills before making your hiring decisions.

Eliminate bias and hire competent government workers

Hiring talented workers for public sector roles is easy with Vervoe. Apply our advanced pre-employment assessments to spot skilled and ethical employees for your public organization without wasting time or resources. With Vervoe, you can test for both technical skills and soft skills according to your requirements and values. Excellent hiring decisions are just an assessment away.

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Discover how Vervoe can transform your
hiring process

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