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Introducing Vervoe’s new Resume Translator

Use our groundbreaking new tool to find out whether resumes claims are fake news or fact

Vervoe’s new resume translator

Turn resume claims from fake news to facts with Vervoe's new Resume Translator

Vervoe's new resume translator
Vervoe's new resume translator
Vervoe's new resume translator
Vervoe's new resume translator

Spot bulls**t a mile away

Upload the resumes of thousands of candidates and watch our Resumes Translator rank them according to their BS Score. From fake job titles to referees that end up being the candidate wearing a disguise, spot the level of crap in resumes at a glance.

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See candidates' true colors

Similar to Live Photos, our Two Face Detector provides you with outtakes from the person’s headshot session to show you their true colors. Find out how much of an act candidates are putting on with this feature, so the person who rocks up on Monday is the person you believed you were hiring.


Easily examine exaggerations

Don’t let the logo fool you, people lie about their involvement with brands all the time. From exaggerating their seniority to full-on lying about which part of an institution they worked for or attended, our Institution Inspector will uncover their tall tales.

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Ready to try Vervoe's Resume Translator?

We’ve got one more surprise for you…

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If you’ve made it this far you’ve obviously been burned by lies on resumes before. Why put your hiring at risk any longer? Try Vervoe’s AI-Powered Skills Testing platform today, and feel confident with your hiring minus the resumes.

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