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How Chemist Warehouse could hire 90% faster.

The longer it takes to select the right person for an open role, the more it’s directly costing your organization.
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High performing candidates drop off first

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Vacancies impact productivity, innovation, and revenue generation

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Unresponsiveness damages your brand

Ready to see what Vervoe can do for Chemist Warehouse?

Why Vervoe?

Vervoe makes hiring 10x faster than traditional recruitment processes. We reduce your time-to-hire by automating your candidate screening process with skills assessments that predict on-the-job performance.

The best part – unlike other HR Tech, Vervoe takes just 48 hours to implement, and there’s no limit on candidate assessments.

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Make data-driven hiring decisions

Making a new hire is a big investment.
Making the wrong decision means the time and money to interview, onboard and train your new employee could be a loss.

From the hundreds of people who apply for every role, you need to make an informed decision on the most suitable person for the role. Vervoe’s pre-employment screening assessments are a scalable and evidence-based way to find the most suitable candidate for any role.

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Make informed hiring decisions based on skills. Schedule a demo to see how Vervoe can help you find the best person for the role.

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Get email help day or night, 24/7.

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A dedicated global client success team

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Implement and start assessing in minutes

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“Vervoe helps organizations hire top candidates based on merit. Its AI helps scale the hiring process, bias-free. Candidates love the user experience and Hiring Managers love how fast they get lots of great talent.”

David Castro
Talent Acquisition Manager, Walmart