Automation Marks the Future of Job Interviews

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Hiring is due for a shake up.

For too many years, recruiting and hiring have followed the same tedious process: source candidates, review resumes, screen candidates on the phone, conduct in-person interviews and then — hopefully — hire the best person.

With the exception of the adoption of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), hiring hasn’t seen huge advances in technology like other industries. Hiring today remains awfully similar to how things were done for years with paper resumes and written applications. However, changes are coming.

Automated hiring is a new way to approach recruiting and hiring candidates. Rather than searching an ATS for relevant resumes and conducting interviews, automated hiring flips the script, advancing every candidate through an automated process that tests their job skills.

Automated hiring saves massive amounts of time for recruiters, cutting out the error-prone process of screening candidates and more effectively assessing on-the-job skills. In some cases, you don’t even need to meet applicants in person to interview and hire them.

Automated hiring is perhaps one of the most powerful trends emerging today in hiring. Let’s delve into automated hiring and learn how you can use it to find the best possible talent to join your team.


Automated Hiring Explained

What exactly is automated hiring? It’s a relatively new take on the hiring process, enabled by technology and powered by hiring experts. Instead of starting with the question: “Who are you?”, automated hiring instead asks: “How well can you do a relevant task?”

With automated hiring, the recruiting process stays the same: you post a job opening, look for referrals, and attract a pool of top candidates. But instead of going through the normal process of screening resumes and progressing a small number of candidates onto an interview, hiring software advances every single applicant automatically to the next step.

Here’s how it works:

  1. A candidate applies to an open role at your company.
  2. The candidate is invited to complete an online test to assess their skills, such as a simulation, quiz or video Q&A.
  3. Software auto-sorts candidates, scoring their responses and advancing top candidates onto the next step.
  4. Employers then take over the process, interviewing top candidates in a more traditional setting.

Unlike traditional hiring, which focuses on where candidates come from and what they’ve done in the past, automated hiring assesses each candidate’s skills today. By automatically interviewing every applicant using tailored interview scripts written by experts, automated hiring helps you choose people who haven’t just done great things in the past, but will be great at their jobs in the future.


The Difference that Delivers

Still skeptical? Given the success of tried-and-true recruitment techniques, it will always be an uphill battle for any organization to completely change their hiring process. However, automated hiring is simply the next step in the logical evolution of hiring. It’s not a massive shift, but it makes sense when you consider the massive pools of applicants many companies are forced to sort through. So many resumes are automatically discarded and never make it to an interview at all.

Here are a few key benefits of automated hiring:

  1. Hires candidates quickly: Unlike traditional methods of hiring that can take months, automated hiring can progress a candidate from application to hire in just 4 days. Because so much of the process is automated, it eliminates time wasted screening candidates and takes a lot of the burden off of recruiters and hiring managers.
  2. Minimizes bias in hiring: Many industries struggle to attract diverse and talented teams, and automated hiring makes it easier to fill the pipeline with talent. Instead of eliminating candidates because they didn’t go to the right college or work at a prestigious company, automated hiring evaluates candidates on the attributes that really matter: their skills.
  3. Sources more qualified candidates: By using interview scripts written by experts, automated hiring makes it much easier for hiring managers and recruiters to screen for roles outside their own expertise. For a VP of Marketing hiring a designer, or for a startup CEO hiring an engineer, this is incredibly valuable.


Recruit the Best

Any business leader can attest to the fact that your greatest asset is and always will be your team. Knowing that, it’s vital that you do everything you can to bring the right people into your company, the kind of individuals who can propel it to new heights.

Automated hiring is a smarter way to optimize your recruiting process with hiring software in order to identify and hire the best talent in the market. After all, a company that doesn’t innovate will never be able to succeed. Hiring is one of the most integral ways in which you can make a real difference across the board. Seize it.

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