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The skills tested in this assessment for a Business Development Executive include their ability to network and how they would build and successfully move prospects through the sales pipeline. You will see how they sell, and communicate effectively, and if they can seamlessly close deals. You will get a feel for their ability to effectively manage client relationships, and of their natural communication style and networking abilities.

The skills tested in this assessment for an Enterprise Sales Executive include their ability to communicate, negotiate and be empathetic. The questions should showcase their ability to employ active listening, empathise and negotiate effectively. solve customer problems both strategically and on their feet. It should also test their ability to provide value and identify customer motivations that go beyond the sales transaction.

The skills tested in this Assessment for a Administration Assistant include determining whether the candidate can verbally communicate with staff and colleagues, and send correspondence electronically, we tested the Attention to Detail that the candidate holds, and whether they can organize themselves in a way that is forward thinking and efficient.

The skills that are tested in this assessment for a Chief Marketing Officer include the candidate's ability to create and implement marketing strategies, manage stakeholders and their team, as well as think strategically. The assessment will ask candidates to discuss the marketing timeline for a new product, how to improve areas of the marketing funnel, how to discuss marketing strategies with other stakeholders, how they would interact with other departments in order to achieve overall business objectives, and how they would introduce new technologies or innovative strategies to improve marketing efforts in the organization.