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The skills tested in this assessment for a Medical Assistant include communication, administration and patient assistance. The candidate answers should showcase their ability to communicate effectively in typical health care situations, use administrational skills to prioritise and plan tasks, and display an in depth understanding of patient assistance.

The skills tested in this Assessment for a Benefits Administrator determine whether the candidate can communicate well with other staff and departments insuring a collaborative way of working, we tested to see how the candidate will deal with conflict and if they have a level of attention to detail required to work of important documentation on behalf of the staff, and whether they can make decisions and analyse relevant information.

In order to be an effective Server Engineer, they must have a very good understanding of how the major operating systems work like Linux + Windows, Active Directory, good communication skills, and the willingness to problem-solve to fix problems they come across. Specifically, in the Vervoe skill assessment the following skills are looked at it in detail, is knowledge around Linux, managing RedHat Rhel7 SOE’s and communication with non-technical stakeholders of servers that are being managed.

A Network Engineer must be a very good problem solvers and have good communication skills because often they will need to explain networks to non-technical people. Network engineers will also need a wide range of knowledge of different components in a networked environment as they will need to decide between them when designing a network. Specifically, in the Vervoe skill assessment, the following skills are looked at it in detail, networking technical explanations, troubleshooting of network issues, and communication with their colleagues.

A Database Administrator should be an organized individual who is able to grasp data from a raw technical standpoint and what this data means for the organization. This will help the management of data because this will help couple the right pieces of data within the database such that it adds value to the business when a data analyst reviews it. Specifically, in the Vervoe skill assessment the following skills are looked at it in detail, their technical abilities in relation to SQL + databases and their communication skills with stakeholders.