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This assessment will allow you to evaluates candidates’ knowledge of accounting concept and accounting figures, assess how candidates approach situation encountered in the workplace and demonstrates if candidates are good fit for the company.

The skills tested in this assessment for a Customer Support Specialist include their ability to build rapport and communicate with customers, how they would balance the different parts of a CSS role, and how they would adapt to particular client interactions and situations. It will also test their ability to be empathetic and utilise interpersonal skills to resolve queries.

You can expect to learn whether the candidate can be relied upon to sell the business at events, identify appropriate prospects, how much they know about the industry and how well they can adapt to individual client situations. You’ll get a sense of their personality and charisma in the video questions, along with their ability to pitch. And you will see how they prioritise and organise their days/weeks to ensure incoming business revenue, whilst retaining existing clients.

The skills tested in this assessment for a Talent Acquisition Director determine whether the candidate has robust strategies to improve the hiring and retention of employees, their business and team leadership abilities, and their stakeholder management with both internal managers and candidates in their process.

The skills tested in this Assessment for a Transcriptionist are to determine whether the candidate has extensive writing skills and is capable to listen and document conversations accurately for extended periods of time. We test if the candidate has patience with themselves and others and can produce high quality documents.

The skills tested in this Assessment for a Administration Assistant include determining whether the candidate can verbally communicate with staff and colleagues, and send correspondence electronically, we tested the Attention to Detail that the candidate holds, and whether they can organize themselves in a way that is forward thinking and efficient.

A Python Developer must have a high level of technical knowledge of the programming language, a high level of critical thinking paired with problem-solving, as well as the ability to effectively communicate with stakeholders. Specifically, in the Vervoe skill assessment, the following skills are looked at it in detail is general knowledge and writing code in Python.

A Software Engineer must have the deep technical know-how to design, build and test a piece of software or system that they’ve built along with the skills to communicate what they’ve done to the required people. It is important to be open to working in a team as a software engineer as often you won't be working alone. Specifically, in the Vervoe skill assessment, the following skills are looked at it in detail, algorithms, data structures, software architecture, and general programming skills.

The skills that are tested in this assessment for a Copywriter include how skilled the candidate is in SEO, copywriting, creative thinking, and research. It tests their ability to plan, design, and create advertising campaigns, the process they would follow before writing content for SEO, their process for creating a landing page, the research, and resources they would utilize when working with a new client, as well as the research they would conduct once being assigned to a project they had little knowledge about.

The skills that are tested in this assessment for a Marketing Manager include how skilled the candidate is in motivating and managing other team members, and what they value to be important. The assessment will test candidates based on how they manage teams, how they work towards motivating other team members, how they would assist team members will less marketing knowledge and experience, and what they value and how they approach difficult situations.